Conversation and Coffee/Cocktails with Elissa Alben of Pfizer

We had a great start to our new series  “Conversation and Coffee/Cocktails With a Board Member.” The Washington Foreign Law Society wishes to show more of the professionals executing its mandate. Elissa Alben, Senior Director and Head of Global Trade Policy at Pfizer was our first guest.

Interviewed by fellow Board Member Debra Decker, Elissa shared her valuable experience as an attorney working in trade and reflected on past career steps.

Elissa has worked in government and the private sector and has been on both ends of the negotiation table. She noted that it has always benefited her to try new things and working hard while doing so. The participants were students, recent graduates, and seasoned professionals.

Thank you, Elissa, for sharing your experience.

Posted May 20, 2020 in: General News