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Former Austrian Ambassador Dr. Wendelin Ettmayer speaks to WFLS on managing international crises
May 19, 2010 in: General News

Within the European Union, the de Larosière Report on the financial crisis that had hit Europe as of February 2009 laid out a framework for steps taken by the EU. These recommendations have been used by the European Commission and were adopted in September 2009.   Amb. Ettmayer argued that stronger coordinated supervision for all financial actors within the EU but also on an international level is vital, and effective crisis management procedures should be in place in order to build confidence and restore financial stability throughout Europe.…Read more »

Panel at Law Library of Congress speaks about cross-cultural issues in U.S. courts
May 3, 2010 in: General News

In recognition of Law Day 2010, WFLS co-sponsored an important and highly relevant event presented by the Law Library of Congress about cross-cultural issues in U.S. courts.  Prominent panelists, moderated by GW Law Professor Jonathan Turley, discussed the growing number of cases in state and federal courts all across the country where parties are raising “the cultural defense” – invoking the customs and traditions of a diversity of cultural backgrounds to explain their actions.…Read more »

New web site
April 18, 2010 in: General News

We are pleased to work with local web development company, Wide Sky Designs, on our improved web site. Our primary focus in improving the site is to make it easier for members to learn about and register to attend our events and programs.  Using a combination of WordPress and EventBright we now have a system that allows you to browse, register, and pay for upcoming events directly from our web site. …Read more »

Update on Iraq Reconstruction from Special Inspector General Stuart Bowen, Jr.
April 5, 2010 in: General News

On April 5, 2010, Mr. Stuart Bowen, Jr., Special Inspector General for Iraq Reconstruction (SIGIR), delivered his first-hand account Update on Iraq Reconstruction at the City Club of Washington.   The talk prompted a fascinating discussion of the reconstruction efforts in Iraq and their legal implications.  WFLS member Nancy Eyl, an attorney at SIGIR, Read more »

Benefits of signing up as a member
January 1, 2010 in: General News

Here are some great reasons to become a WFLS member:
  • Connect with other professionals in the fields of international, foreign, or comparative law
  • Attend WFLS events at discounted rates, and members-only events
  • Participate in dialogue regarding some of today’s most cutting-edge international issues
  • Meet new friends and colleagues
As we work to improve our membership benefits, we are offering extended membership benefits to those who join today: WFLS memberships purchased now through June 30, 2011 will remain valid through June 30, 2012.…Read more »