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Multi-Stakeholder Consultation on the World Bank Group’s Sanctions System
July 5, 2013

The World Bank is conducting a global, multi-stakeholder consultation on the World Bank Group’s Sanctions System. The consultation is intended to help the Group evaluate the implementation of the system thus far, with a view to identifying possible entry points for making improvements.

The Sanctions System is an administrative process for sanctioning firms and individuals found to have engaged in corrupt, fraudulent, collusive, coercive or obstructive practices in connection with Bank-financed projects. This system provides parties alleged to have engaged in a sanctionable practice with a level of due process before a decision on sanctions, if any, is imposed. To capture any areas that may need improving, the Legal Vice Presidency of the World Bank Group is conducting consultations with external stakeholders to solicit feedback on the system.…

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WFLS Honors Christine Lagarde at Society’s annual Gala dinner
June 20, 2013

On Tuesday evening, June 4, the Washington Foreign Law Society honored Christine Lagarde at the Society’s annual Gala dinner, which was held at the Ronald Reagan Building in Washington, DC. Below are her remarks as prepared for delivery.

Summary of ASIL/UNA Program: Support for the Syrian Insurgency
June 14, 2013

"Support for the Syrian Insurgency: What UN and International Norms Apply?" was held at the Tillar House on May 29, 2013. Mona Yacoubian first provided background. Three “dynamics” have been consistent since the outset of the Syrian crisis and help to explain how the conflict morphed from peaceful protests to sectarian civil war. First, the Syrian regime viewed the protest movement, although initially peaceful, as an existential threat. Secondly, the opposition was divided and had no common vision for a post-Assad Syria. Finally, there was no international consensus on how to respond to the Syrian crisis. Syrian spillover has already affected neighboring countries, particularly Lebanon and Iraq. As a result, U.S. policy perforce reflects “a strong degree of caution.”Read more »

Summary of ASIL/UNA Program: Use of Force Against a Nuclear Threat from Iran
June 11, 2013

Would the use of force to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons be consistent with the UN Charter and international law? This was the principal issue addressed during the second program in a series on “Use of Force” co-sponsored by ASIL and UNA-NCA, on April 26th at the American Society of International Law (ASIL).Read more »

Summary of UNCLOS and the South China Sea event
June 5, 2013

On May 6, 2013, the Stimson Center and the Washington Foreign Law Society co-hosted a panel on the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea and the recent action brought by the Philippines against China at the UNCLOS tribunal. About 70 people, from foreign media to U.S. legal scholars to diplomats, attended the panel and engaged in a lively post-panel discussion. Read more »

Summary of ASIL/UNA program: Cyberthreats and the Use of Force
June 5, 2013

Is the UN Charter and international law actually a deterrent to cyberwarfare or just “legal window-dressing?” This was the issue put to a packed audience on Wednesday, April 17th at a meeting on CYBERTHREATS AND THE USE OF FORCE, the first of three programs on The UN, International Law and the Use of Force co-sponsored by UNA-NCA and the American Society of International Law (ASIL) at the Tillar House headquarters of ASIL on Sheridan Circle, in Washington, D.C.Read more »

Meet the Board: Kip Wainscott
May 8, 2013

There are many benefits to membership at the Washington Foreign Law Society, including the opportunity to attend events alongside our distinguished Board of Governors. Over the next few months, WFLS will be interviewing some of our Board Members to showcase the unique and diversified talent behind the Society. Our second featured Board Member is Kip Wainscott, former counsel to the Obama Campaign and current associate at Perkins Coie.

How, as a young lawyer, did you come to work as counsel in the Obama campaign?

Prior to joining the re-elect, I worked at a law firm alongside President Obama’s 2008 national delegate director, Jeff Berman.…

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